Stretch Goals

Learning how to stretch makes everything easier.

When it comes to building muscle, length is strength.

Most muscle injuries occur because the muscle is stretched beyond its limit. We reduce our injury risk by gently improving our muscle’s ability to stretch when needed.

We roll around on the floor in weird positions until our muscles are just as confident stretched thin as they are bundled tightly together.

When building ourselves, we must also stretch.

We must stretch ourselves so that when Life stretches us thin, we can pull ourselves together without snapping.

We must set goals that require us to grow — stretch ourselves — to fulfill them.

We must stretch our brains by putting them into strange, uncomfortable positions and exploring for a while.

We must stretch our hearts by welcoming those with spiky edges, even if we don’t think there’s room for them.

And after a little groaning, we’ll often find there is far more room to grow than we thought.